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…to Seb King’s lair. From these small acorns a mighty oak tree shall grow forth! For the uninitiated, Seb King is the new Stephen King, Dan Brown, John Grisham (and EL James?) all rolled up into one. Follow my literary progression here on my website and secure your slice of story-telling history!

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  • Broken Reviews
    Broken Reviews
    What makes people buy books? In a word reviews. A well-reviewed book will catapult it towards the vaunted best-sellers list, irrespective of its quality. Conversely, how many a rip-roaring read is left undiscovered, languishing in an unloving slush pile, turned over by summer-intern ‘literary agents’ themselves not yet out of university, yet making critical judgements on merit.
  • Good Dialogue, Bad Dialogue
    Good Dialogue, Bad Dialogue
    Clichéd; contrived; awkward; unnatural; forced; stilted. Every heard one of these adjectives employed to describe a book? If the answer is ‘yes’, it’s probably guilty of serving up poor dialogue (amongst other flaws). The reasons are numerous.
  • Goodreads: To Review or not Review
    Goodreads: To Review or not Review
    I ran a giveaway for 50 paperback copies of an ARC that ended on May 12. Given that the majority of giveaways are for 1 or 2 copies, I felt rather proud of my efforts, even if did hit my pocket. Book printing costs, packaging, labeling and postage doesn’t come cheaply. I estimate the giveaway cost me £280. Nothing to break the bank balance, but far from free.
  • Show not Tell (Take 1000)
    Show not Tell (Take 1000)
    Examples of showing and telling (and telling not showing) from my forthcoming novel.
  • Black, White (and Fifty Shades of Grey)
    Black, White (and Fifty Shades of Grey)
    Fiction, non-fiction and the new something in between. Has Dan Brown created a new genre drawing from fact and fiction? If so, what are the ramifications?